Cultivated in the Tibetan Plateau over thousands of years, this legendary Himalayan grain is known for providing lasting energy for Tibetans nomads and Sherpas mountaineers in the Himalayas. We source this ancient grain directly from local farmers in the pristine Himalayan regions. BOD TSAMPA is roasted & stone ground in small batches locally in Colorado. You may not trek Everest this year but you can reap amazing benefits from BOD TSAMPA and BOD BAR. We are very exited to share our ancient superfood with much love, joy and health.


BÖD TSAMPA is ready-to-eat Tibetan Himalayan version of breakfast cereal and beyond. It is made of legendary ancient grain, a unique breed of Himalayan barley (naked-barley) that grows in pristine Himalayan mountains.

HIMALAYAN SUPERFOOD: Tsampa is a nutritional powerhouse packed with rich fibre (beta glucan), protein, minerals, amino acids etc. It is known for providing lasting energy for Tibetan nomads and Sherpa mountaineers in the Himalayas.

TRULY VERSATILE ANCIENT FOOD: In Tibet and other parts of Himalayas, Tsampa is commonly consumed as a breakfast cereal during meals instead of rice. It can be prepared into nutritious vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian soup.

VEGAN: Tsampa is naturally GMO free, VEGAN and 100% natural.


BOD Tsampa is a truly versatile Himalayan superfood that can be adapted to your liking.

Jhamdur - Tsampa porridge

Like breakfast porridge, Tsampa is traditionally prepared with yak milk, yak butter tea, or water (hot/cold). We add dried cheese powder and yak butter. We call it Jhamdur. The consistency depends on the quantity of tsampa and liquid. Add dried nuts, seeds or fruits to enhance your Jhamdur nutrition and flavor.

Tsamthuk- Tsampa soup

You can make a quick nutritious Tsampa soup by adding vegetables or minced meats (or others) in a boiling water. We call it Tsamthuk. It provides lots of warmth and energy during the cold Himalayan winter.

Paag - Tsampa dough

Traditionally Tibetans/Sherpas add butter tea and powdered dry yak cheese with Tsampa. Tsampa is slowly mixed with the liquid and kneaded into a cake like dough, squeezing it into your fist called “paag” in Tibetan. You can use spoon or processor to make paag too. Tibetans/Sherpas skillfully use hand to knead Paag for breakfast. Paag also substitutes for rice or bread during meals. .

Tsampa Smoothie

Elevate your favorite smoothie by adding 1-2 spoons of BöD Tsampa for added nutrition and taste.