Conscious Eating is better for you and the Planet

We all are just visitors on this Planet, so why not make our journey joyful and kind


Growing up in the Himalayan region has shaped my worldview and instilled in me a deep appreciation for nature and the environment.  Naturally I developed a deep appreciation for nature and a love for outdoor activities.  

After leaving my hometown, I was always on the lookout for simple, healthy and nutritious food options that is similar our ancient food called Tsampa.  Tsampa is a Tibetan Himalayan staple food that my parents used to feed me when I was a kid.  Tsampa is a centre of Tibetan cuisine culture that can be eaten in many different ways from toddler to centenarian.  Tsampa is known for providing lasting energy to Tibetan nomads and sherpa mountaineers.  Tsampa has many other health benefits too. 

So I thought promoting Tsampa and and making products out of it will help farmers and also provide a healthy food options that is environment friendly too.  So I decided to create this all natural BOD BAR, which is Vegan, all natural and Non GMO without any artificial additives or refined sugar.

For me, promoting BÖD TSAMPA and BÖD BAR is more than just a business venture – it is a way to connecting with my roots and sharing our culture while creating a positive impact through healthy, happy & kind living with others.

                                                     Eat Healthy!  Live Happy!  Be Kind!