Be kind to everyone, including ALL animals

Conscious eating is better for you and the Planet

Everyone, especially business can be Force of Good

We all are just visitors on this Planet, so let's be conscious &  joyful!

BÖD was born from my deep intention for positive social and environmental impact while sharing a taste of our Tibetan Himalayan heritage.  

BÖD BAR: Being a conscious consumer and outdoor enthusiast, we use vegan  superfoods such as organic hemp seed protein, organic dates, organic goji berry and also, BOD Tsampa (Himalayan superfood) to make a premium vegan nutrition bar that is better for you and better for the planet. 

BOD TSAMPA: We make Himalayan superfood BOD Tsampa from legendary grain (naked barley) that grows in Himalayan mountains.  We source this ancient grain directly from local farmers in the Tibetan Plateau. This ancient Himalayan grain is known for providing lasting energy for Tibetan nomads and Sherpa mountaineers for centuries.  Our Tsampa is roasted in small batches and stone-ground locally in Colorado.

We donate to plant 1 tree for every other bar you purchase by partnering with Eden Reforestation Project.